How To Properly Fuel With Kramp Krushers Energy Chews

Athletes need to have their workout nutrition down to a science. Nothing throws us more out of wack than poorly timing our energy chews. 


This is why it is so important to properly fuel the right way with Kramp Krushers, our energy chews of choice.


In general, endurance athletes sports nutrition like energy chews so that they don’t experience fatigue throughout their long workout. Not doing so can cause dehydration, fatigue and muscle cramping. 


With Kramp Krushers, runners, cyclists and other endurance athletes know without a doubt that they won’t experience any muscle cramping thanks to its prevention of lactic acid buildup.


They get that boost of performance without the addition of caffeine and stay hydrated thanks to all those electrolytes. 


Energy chews, in general, are designed to replenish glycogen stores in the body.

It’s extremely important to properly fuel during an intense workout or endurance event. Doing so prevents “hitting the wall,” when the body no longer has the energy to continue to workout It provides the glucose (sugar) needed so that the muscles can continue to perform for even longer. 


Even still, athletes need to consume this product properly. 


Here’s how to properly fuel with Kramp Krushers.


Eat Before The Workout

In order to reap all the benefits of Kramp Krushers, start by consuming them before the workout.


Athletes need to eat five of the gummies prior to starting their sweat session. 


This means directly before the workout, not hours before. 



Consume With Water

It’s crucial that the athlete drink some water upon consumption. This is to further aid in digestion. 


The good news is the Kramp Krushers are gentle on the stomach. This means runners won’t be looking for a bathroom. 


Chew, Don’t Swallow

This might sound like a silly direction, but make sure to fully chew before swallowing. The athlete wants to be able to properly down the sugar, electrolytes, and minerals. So don’t just swallow Kramp Krusher gummies whole.


Eat Five More Chews Each Hour Of Exercise

Make sure to have Kramp Krushers on hand for the duration of the workout. The athlete needs to eat one serving of five more of the chews each hour during exercise.


Bring these along for long bike rides, when hitting the trails, and training for that half or full marathon. Those who like to get in a run before or after lifting weights also benefit from having Kramp Krushers with them. The rule is anything over an hour requires another serving. 


There are two servings of Kramp Krusher energy chews in a single package. Be mindful of the length of the workout in order to have enough of these gummies available.