Snacks You Need To Pack For That Ski Trip

Dec 11, 2019
By: Lauren Keating

The first snowfall of the season is soon among us, which means now is the perfect time to plan a skiing trip. As the excitement to hit the slopes hits, it’s time to make sure that you properly pack all your ski gear.

And that also means packing the proper food and snacks needed to fuel you during your time going cross-country skiing or checking out the best ski resort slopes.

Just like you would pack your favorite ski gear like googles, skis, and poles, packing nutrition is a necessity.

For starters, skiing does burn lots of calories so the body needs its fuel to perform for hours—and throughout the ski holiday.

Not to mention cross-country skiing locations are often in remote locations and resorts are limited to what is on-premise. That means if you forget your favorite post-workout energy bar, you are out of luck when that craving hits.

Use this as a checklist as to the most important food and snacks needed to survive that ski trip.

Food For The Hungry Skier

When it comes to packing for that ski trip, having some food essentials on hand is a must.

This includes snacks for the travel there and back and for in-between meals when hunger hit after skiing, food for when in the hotel room or cabin, and food for when needing energy while skiing.

When it comes to food to pack for a ski trip, think easy to pack yet nutritious. This includes things like instant oatmeal and the fixings to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

skiier downhill

Snacks Perfectly Portable For Skiing

Serious skiers spend anywhere between three hours to a full day skiing.

And while skiing downhill for an hour burns about 300 calories and over 600 calories for cross-county skiing, elite skiers burn close to 900 calories per hour.

This means calories and carbohydrates for fuel are needed to continue to perform without feeling fatigued.

This why energy chews are essential for those skiing all day long. Plus, they are the perfect size for storing in a ski jacket pocket. Making sure to have fuel on hand for when on the slopes is key. So don’t forget to pack your endurance nutrition of choice.

Our favorite: Kramp Krusher Extreme Training & Endurance Chew

kramp krusher 3

Kramp Krushers are the sports nutrition product that is ideal for endurance sports because it provides a fast source of fuel (glucose) and electrolytes.

More than that, Kramp Krusher prevents muscle cramping because of its calcium lactate that supports the absorption of calcium and magnesium that also provides optimal nerve to muscle performance.

It’s also important to pack other snacks for in between meals.

The trick here is to think portable and non-perishable like the following listed below.

Granola or other protein/sports bars: Great for getting some calories in, these are compact snacks that can be placed in your ski bag pocket.

Our favorite: Larabars and RXBARS

Fruit leather: These are dried fruit strips like Fruit Roll-Ups, but are healthy since they are typically made with 100% fruit purees.

Our favorite: That’s It Fruit Bar

Jerky: Jerky is a great pocket-friendly snack that provides protein to be able to repair muscles and for metabolic health.

Our favorite: KRAVE Jerky Sticks or Coconut Jerky (for vegans).

Nut Butter Packets: Peanut butter and other nut butter are a great way to get in calories and satisfy taste buds. Individually portioned to be portable, these are a great snack option since skiers can just tear open the packet and consume.

Our favorite: Justin’s Almond Butter Packet

Conclusion: What To Eat And Not To Eat

When packing for a ski trip remember that bringing along snacks is important to be properly fueled.

Ski resorts and cabins often have some snacks available, but these tend to be junk like chips sugary hot chocolate.

Instead, opt for warm tea after the slopes to hydrate and get warm. Reach for a healthier snack already packed.

ski park

When eating out, skip wings and beer and instead go for wholesome food like chill and sweet potatoes. Think about fueling the body to perform well when skiing.