Jan 28, 2020By: Lauren Keating
Energy Chews vs. Energy Gels: Which Is Better?

We are putting the two against each other to weigh the pros and cons. While the choice is ultimately up to the athlete, it is recommended to try sports nutrition products out before the fay of their big events like an ultra run or triathlon.

Jan 27, 2020By: Lauren Keating
How To Properly Carb Load Before An Endurance Event

Yes, athletes need carbohydrates. Now there are exceptions to the rules and some who prefer following the keto diet and still perform well. There are also those with allergies or other dietary restrictions that mean they can’t consume carbs. However, in general, carbohydrates are the body’s preferred source of fuel.

Jan 22, 2020By: Lauren Keating
How To Increase Running Distance Without Injury

Even though running is a non-contact sport, there are plenty of potential running injuries that can occur during our journeys. This is especially so when we start to increase our running distance.

Dec 12, 2019By: Raquel E.
11 Things That Happen In Triathlons

Knowing what to expect and how to handle the situation is important for success.The following situations can happen in a triathlon to anyone regardless of their experience level:

Dec 11, 2019By: Lauren Keating
Snacks You Need To Pack For That Ski Trip

The first snowfall of the season is soon among us, which means now is the perfect time to plan a skiing trip. As the excitement to hit the slopes hits, it’s time to make sure that you properly pack all your ski gear.

Dec 11, 2019By: Lauren Keating
What To Eat The Night Before And During An Endurance Race

We need to be fueling our bodies properly to be prepared for the intense workout ahead. We also need to avoid anything to make us bloated or give us stomach problems. So what should we eat the night before an endurance event?

Dec 6, 2019By: Lauren Keating
Fueling The Marathon: Tips To Staying Hydrated And On Top Of Nutrition

When it comes to fuel during the marathon, these are the top tips to stay hydrated and on top of our nutrition needs.

Dec 5, 2019By: Sara Stover
How To Properly Fuel With Kramp Krushers Energy Chews

Atheletes need to consume this product propertly in order to propertly fuel intense workouts without "hitting the wall" or experiencing cramps. This is how...

Dec 5, 2019By: Lauren Keating
How To Prevent Muscle Cramps During Exercise

Heres a list of four things an athlete can do to prevent muscle cramps.