Runner Patrick Stover Talks Setting Goals And Kramp Krusher For That ‘Edge’

Jan 27, 2020

Runner Patrick Stover Talks Setting Goals And Kramp Krusher For That ‘Edge’
By: Sara Stover

Goals give me direction! By achieving our goals, we find the confidence to set even bigger goals!

Patrick Stover has been active ever since he was a kid. He would run everywhere and climb everything.

He began running competitively as a freshman at Konawaena High School and was a standout cross-country and track runner. Not knowing any better, he ran in basketball shoes. He didn't have to lace them and he thought that was cool.
By the time Stover was a senior, he was second in the state of Hawaii as a cross-country runner and second in the state in the 800-meter run.
Without any proper training, he ran his first marathon at 19-years-old. It was not his most enjoyable run. It was so bad that he didn't run again for another five years.
Feeling out of shape, he then ran his second marathon and finished at almost the same time as his first marathon.
After that second marathon, he started to see improvements in his running and became intrigued by running further. Ultras! Running became his passion.
Self-improvement motivates Stover. After taking off five years from running he realized he needed to set goals.
“There was a time when I didn't believe I could run 100 miles in one week — let alone in one race,” he continued. “But I now believe that I am just beginning to find my full potential. By taking small and then bigger steps, we can become who we were meant to be.”

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.Stover Talks To Us About Goals And Kramp Krushers For That Competitive Edge

Q: Why do you set goals?

A: ”Now I'm intentional about having goals.” Stover added, "Goals give me direction. By achieving our goals, we find the confidence to set even bigger goals.”

Q: What do you do when you are not training?

A: ”I’m usually just relaxing,” he said. “I'll go to the beach and just sit and watch the ocean, listen to music and read a book. Or it's lazy days at home watching movies, playing games, and spending time with my wife. She's the one who likes doing things outside so I'll tag-a-long, and see and do things I would not have otherwise.”

Q: What is your favorite distance, and how do you fuel during these workouts?

A: “I enjoy running all distances now. And I take nutrition and supplements more seriously. I know that running high mileage means I burn a lot of calories and lose a lot of electrolytes,” he said.

Q: When did you first try Kramp Krusher energy chews?

A: “I first tried Kramp Krushers on a particularly humid one-hour run, and the dose of electrolytes through sodium was exactly what I needed to get through that last hot mile.”
Stover continued, “I used them on a 44-mile sea to summit run last month, and when I got to 10,000 feet, and I just didn't feel like eating anymore, the Kramp Krushers were the only thing I could get down.”

Q: Why Do You Use Kramp Krushers?

A: “They are easy to eat because they are sweet and salty, and they are easy to carry,” Stover said. “I ate a few before the Volcano Ohia Lehua Half Marathon last weekend for some quick sugar, and a few more at mile seven and I came in second place! Taking Kramp Krusher definitely gave me an edge.”